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Glendora Adult School

301 S. Loraine Ave, Glendora

ESL * High School Diploma * Mommy & Me

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Adult ESL

Learn to speak English as a second language!

Monday - Friday 8:45 - 11:45 Daily

Open, walk-in enrollment.

New semester starts 8/12/17

Instructor: Mrs. Olga Habayeb

High School Diploma

For the adult student who aspires to earn their high school diploma, now is the time to enroll. We do offer an accelerated academic program for students to earn their diploma and there is no fee for attending the diploma program. Students who enroll in the diploma program will earn and learn at their own pace. In addition to textbook learning, we offer Odysseyware, an online program that enables students to work outside of the classroom while earning credits for a diploma. Tests to finish the class must be taken in the classroom.

As a reminder:

  • There are no fees for the diploma program or ESL.
  • Students are required to complete 190 credits.
  • The CAHSEE exam has been suspended indefinitely. No taking of the CAHSEE exam is required at this time.
  • When you  sign up, it would be advisable to bring school transcripts (unofficial is sufficient) from your last school attended to the adult school.
  • Students receive academic assistance from the instructor while in class

If you do not have your high school diploma and getting a job or attending college or a trade school is just one of your many goals, enrolling in the Glendora Adult School Diploma program may be just what you are looking for.

Class times: Monday    6-9

                    Tuesday   6-9

                     Thursday 2-6

Call now for more information. 626-852-4511 or 626-852-4550 or 626-852-4659

You will be happy you did!




Registration is accepted on a walk-in basis, as space allows. A class must have a minimum of fifteen students to sustain the class. Please check with the instructor in advance. Students who are continually absent may be dropped at the discretion of the instructor.


It is the policy of the Glendora Adult School that no person shall be discriminated against based on race, color, ancestry, sex, national origin, marital status, handicap, age, status, religion, or political belief.


Glendora Adult School


It is the goal of the Glendora Adult School  to encourage the development of life-long learning skills. In good times and bad, it is always beneficial to enhance our educational levels so as to keep up with the demands of an increasingly sophisticated job market. One of the main goals at the Glendora Adult School is to assist our students with becoming more marketable regardless of the economic outlook.

Earning a high school diploma, GED or a Basic Education is extremely important and we encourage all students who desire to succeed in their respective life to to begin today. Come and experience the new opportunities at the Glendora Adult School to enhance your life.

Classes Resume on Janurary 8th.

Classes will resume on Monday, January 8th, 2018. One more semester for the school year. Students need to attend and complete their program just in time for graduation. See you in class!




Welcome to the Glendora Adult School where the opportunity to learn and earn is becoming not only a reality but a necessity.  The Glendora Adult School is expanding, academically and vocationally, with the intention of assisting adults of all ages to become prepared for the economic  and personal challenges that adult students must face with today and tomorrow's world. Today's job market is smaller and the competition for jobs is far more daunting than it was a decade ago. A high school diploma is a basic staple that every person must have to at least apply for a job. Receiving the high school diploma is vitally important but committing time to completing the high school diploma program is just as essential.. Now is the time to earn your high school diploma.

I would entreat you to come and experience  many of the great things that are currently happening at the Glendora Adult School. An education is a commodity that everyone needs to ensure that both their personal and professional life be enhanced.  At the Glendora Adult School, we are striving to provide students with the basic necessities that will create more  professional opportunities for them.

At the Glendora Adult School, hundreds of students have walked through our doors with the intention of completing their high school diploma, passing the GED test or CAHSEE exam or becoming proficient with the English language. The Glendora Adult School has averaged nearly  25 high school diploma graduates throughout the past eight years.. We have a Parent Education program where parents with children, who are four and under, enhance their parenting skills with their child by attending the parent education classes. These programs serve the city of Glendora and surrounding communities.

We are encouraged by people in the community who have voiced their desire for the adult school to offer vocational classes that will enhance their marketability skills, especially in the technology field.It is our goal to introduce in the fall computer classes and other vocations that people can take advantage of and to increase their personal and professioanal goals. We will submit updates on the website as new classes are added to the Glendora Adult School.

As a community member, you may desire additional information about classes at the Glendora Adult School and we strongly encourage you to communicate those thoughts and suggestions to the adult school. Have a great school year and I hope to see you at the Glendora Adult School.

Mommy & Me

For Parents of Children ages 0 - 5 (birthday as of September 1st)

Learn Parenting Skills while attending Preschool with your child!

Two Days per Week

Mon & Wed 9 AM - 12 PM

Tues & Thurs 9 AM - 12 PM


Instructor: Ms. Shannon Greer

Fee $30 Per Semester (cash or check)

(Copy of Immunization card required)

Registration for Fall Semester starts 8/12/15 for Returning Parents, 9 AM in Room 14

8/13/17 for New Parents, 9 AM in Room 14

Limited space available on a first come, first serve basis

Today: 6/17/18

Being Prepared for Today's World

Earning an adult school diploma is beneficial and advantageous for the adult student including the following:

  • Getting a job
  • Going to college
  • Going to a trade school
  • Gaining confidence

Earning the diploma helps the graduate become better equipped to handle many of today's complexities. If you are committed with improving your life, both personally and professionally, consider coming to the High School Diploma program where students can develop an academic plan with staff and earn a diploma at their own pace by attending class once a week and learning about each respective subject. If you have:




You can earn your adult school diploma! Call or come by and we can get you started!